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Official binaries for our projects are available here. On the GitHub page for each project, there are also alternative installation methods, via third-party packages; these are unofficial and not verified by this project.

More detailed information in advanced topics:

On checksums and signatures:

Checksums are provided as BLAKE3 and as SHA512. SHA512 sums may be deprecated in the future.

Signatures use the Minisign format. There are many compatible implementations of Minisign; some are listed at the above link. At the moment, signatures are generated using the rsign2 tool.

Releases are signed multiple times (at least once), with different keys, which provide different trust levels. Each project has its own "automated release key", which it uses to sign releases when they are built, in the build infrastructure. Then, maintainers manually sign the release. The automated signature provides weak trust, authenticating only that a build is official. Maintainer signature(s) provide stronger trust, in that the release is verified by a person.

For packagers:

Each release on this website has a meta.json, see the “json metadata” link at the bottom of a release page. This contains all download links, sizes, checksums, signatures, release notes, OS information, and so on. The file is static so no rate limiting applies, as opposed to the GitHub API, and can be used for packaging or whatever other purpose. Note that the downloads themselves are hosted on GitHub, and may be subject to their own rate limiting.

There is also a latest.json symlink to the meta file in each app’s release index, e.g. /downloads/watchexec/latest.json, pointing to the latest release’s meta.json.

Using the meta files or doing your own parsing of GitHub releases is preferred over hardcoding the tag or filename patterns, as these may change without notice.

Packagers are strongly encouraged to verify checksums and signatures as part of their process, where available.

Package formats:
Abbreviation Description Sample tool to unpack
DEB Debian/Ubuntu package dpkg -i filename
Arch ArchLinux package pacman -U filename
RPM RedHat/Centos/Fedora package dnf localinstall filename
GZ Gzipped tarball tar xzf filename
XZ Xzipped tarball tar xJf filename
ZStd ZStandard tarball tar --zstd xf filename
Zip Zipped folder unzip filename

Watchexec 1.17.1 ()

OS Arch Variant Download BLAKE3 checksum
Linux AArch64 glibc 1103 KB (DEB) e7a64b4add5867722f700bd1b2f65e82e5652130cb901364eb881e8697f8cb2a
1100 KB (XZ) 073bab651240c8190a9d67a685c62fb92abf43cedf40f19d24f7c485d98f8100
ARMv7 HF glibc 1191 KB (DEB) e892445b6a6e2034a5e66f0dafc3c8504dc2e607806d45b18e3e217d73479b7d
1186 KB (XZ) ac9524043b216a86a47d7a3f1a8f14c2c0d5389922b00549f0e47a409be4cce8
x86 musl 924 KB (DEB) 6143c9c1b06673ad17f5c8cc2b0eead4a682ff6d6f8cea7d50a6003456cd4f7c
920 KB (XZ) 1684916172c18f2983f21aed4ee06a7a612de46534313720d49f8b0b5575bc2f
x86-64 glibc 884 KB (DEB) cc79081238c217f7b221746f7168618125cf702efdb789e9a4ad0bccbd686ef6
880 KB (XZ) 554a923f99cb0d133d88cb192d9088ba4b556608318219da7e5d074878a129aa
musl 910 KB (DEB) d79e071325f68abbf15c78ae700557682a240ef7237b3ab843934daa6eacb4de
906 KB (XZ) adfdde73ee3a7eb00e00f001ef97ceed23f9eda1e3cda9dde73bdaa07a411b18
Windows AArch64 MSVC 847 KB (Zip) eccb999a4564c43672cd7507ca9a485e938981698cb4106293228638278ac514
x86-64 MSVC 918 KB (Zip) 6683b220a5bc78493f6586539e00d93fcef8b972b2e1642e8b4722281f50f511
macOS x86-64 707 KB (XZ) 4c7097b72cd83b930830fcdf76159e442a499fef7c42f87c9e3c9c5a894e80d4
BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)

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Cargo Watch 8.1.2 ()

OS Arch Variant Download BLAKE3 checksum
Linux AArch64 glibc 1058 KB (DEB) 5d22ada9f8d7c3046f1ae71c67f22fbc5083ae3e2133fdb6bf69eba1db102ef3
1201 KB (RPM) 9cd3bbfb081d0749b72f4f4887f79dac533b8f59a4d1b40024852e853324482d
1043 KB (XZ) a576b277a76a55d65f509330e4b391eea8700f980ba9bb0a5fc636167c32688d
ARMv7 HF glibc 1118 KB (DEB) 70003228b91338f0165813ce583bdcd611e1f72e23ddb56cf497f7909fb7b2a9
1284 KB (RPM) bd10d361d2c413371e4cca2882d6c9bc299c53750ef71c332067aea257479d20
1105 KB (XZ) 1b7bf8853a9a8f7d82013581f0cc7f84d34dfcdd6b6c219effba6442929a2869
x86-64 glibc 805 KB (DEB) 155a44466a4bdec066ca29b6a243aad116104d94cace113360c05e11b5fc8e02
875 KB (RPM) 5c848707e7b6847061b1e0a3303e96c5ca05da9271626b00d0f0602ebfe55909
791 KB (XZ) f320a81bf0b5b5c490b102afd09a618844987ff96867d6f3b5488a9f2d40d017
musl 823 KB (DEB) d97b744edb4dbb3304f769fc14e4e6a695599718edff6afeca0589ba5ac2af7b
884 KB (RPM) 8bc4541d95ef4fa5da83b340d68b7801c4fe633023f0d2554f2dd3a91776fee4
809 KB (XZ) c69d8be2b45f7a88700ad0b39ca674efad5019948e52e7a2d2a61309b63f00cf
Windows x86-64 MSVC 816 KB (Zip) f0cc7b072765498042b1f46b68e5f750734d8dae277b6de8b7c136539c658dca
macOS AArch64 537 KB (XZ) a446eb30a7930a17ce6ae7059c17b20ca9cfd66f181eb125e030943e08d082d7
x86-64 632 KB (XZ) ebeda901cf9e31311c2130a0066c3f9b5eb9752ba63403292ef7c5840bfa0947
BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key)

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