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Official binaries for our projects are available here. On the GitHub page for each project, there are also alternative installation methods, via third-party packages; these are unofficial and not verified by this project.

More detailed information in advanced topics:

On checksums and signatures:

Checksums are provided as BLAKE3 and as SHA512. SHA512 sums may be deprecated in the future.

Signatures use the Minisign format. There are many compatible implementations of Minisign; some are listed at the above link. At the moment, signatures are generated using the rsign2 tool.

Releases are signed multiple times (at least once), with different keys, which provide different trust levels. Each project has its own "automated release key", which it uses to sign releases when they are built, in the build infrastructure. Then, maintainers manually sign the release. The automated signature provides weak trust, authenticating only that a build is official. Maintainer signature(s) provide stronger trust, in that the release is verified by a person.

For packagers:

Each release on this website has a meta.json, see the “json metadata” link at the bottom of a release page. This contains all download links, sizes, checksums, signatures, release notes, OS information, and so on. The file is static so no rate limiting applies, as opposed to the GitHub API, and can be used for packaging or whatever other purpose. Note that the downloads themselves are hosted on GitHub, and may be subject to their own rate limiting.

There is also a latest.json symlink to the meta file in each app’s release index, e.g. /downloads/watchexec/latest.json, pointing to the latest release’s meta.json.

Using the meta files or doing your own parsing of GitHub releases is preferred over hardcoding the tag or filename patterns, as these may change without notice.

Packagers are strongly encouraged to verify checksums and signatures as part of their process, where available.

Package formats:
Abbreviation Description Sample tool to unpack
DEB Debian/Ubuntu package dpkg -i filename
Arch ArchLinux package pacman -U filename
RPM RedHat/Centos/Fedora package dnf localinstall filename
GZ Gzipped tarball tar xzf filename
XZ Xzipped tarball tar xJf filename
ZStd ZStandard tarball tar --zstd xf filename
Zip Zipped folder unzip filename

Watchexec 1.17.0 ()

OS Arch Variant Download BLAKE3 checksum
Linux AArch64 glibc 956 KB (DEB) 0b10fab1d764cecd2ab0f2a5dbc9b839e3df7de60ccb3bbc4038df51012454ff
1567 KB (RPM) aede7188811b47e842b6b131c6a92fa04bbdec0525efc3cc133d5a30f26f25ae
951 KB (XZ) aac610472e3eb50b55f09d323155aa9f4e4ac9c48439f6908da614d9c3e0884c
ARMv7 HF glibc 1028 KB (DEB) b409cef953667a98e82ae0286e13d7364295022b3563b2da213040c36cae22bd
1674 KB (RPM) 93d3dc7bf675e99bb13060b01d08b52cf3ea85a9b0c241fb8837045b04eb03c4
1024 KB (XZ) 58e0a118810eac7a325dcdde139c9cc83ba596f927751b86494085c1e5d8bab3
x86 musl 785 KB (DEB) c86688bf28879d2866bf39d1ab34b157588a978a742b93eb9c6f8da108d93ff7
1106 KB (RPM) 37957065baa512e8ba99b7aadd65caf964ee444448cb295a31d32fa6e561dd0e
781 KB (XZ) 461894348841537cff7dd9e21ab1b16c2d24378540acd88165a10d735175c4aa
x86-64 glibc 748 KB (DEB) 69b34091356cbd177ac8081193ef83cf73b6d8d02f1506f5bc6d6c46918d4f80
1108 KB (RPM) dac75f44083c7534c229383f5537e19874aee9ea91e0005c2b7795f49f0cf36d
744 KB (XZ) 60d7edf3b5f69c859e7cbe9fc5318abb0b0129edf2d5318c6ac813941ca87214
musl 778 KB (DEB) 6fbe2ab4bac4dcc69337db756340c5324a742e29af9cb82a39f85460f7f2523b
1135 KB (RPM) 1a2be729577a3245cef4c8d3c8b8999324929abb5a21011bcc9a956145fbc799
773 KB (XZ) 8376711deeae350646a1c8cd122e33ac101b06a8fb1d3477a88c48a2d990e665
Windows AArch64 MSVC 812 KB (Zip) b80343f5c0712b87915485e21bd60d89c778d11e879a9afad279a909c9900511
x86-64 MSVC 891 KB (Zip) 1c7088d5adee6545bf0b533729fa61e4ee2942e23495d4448a2c4b910a41e2f3
macOS x86-64 700 KB (XZ) 9a646d23d9ab878210b45228a9af747549c9efa38ffd8263d5ac8d2e709548a2
BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)

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Cargo Watch 7.8.1 ()

OS Arch Variant Download BLAKE3 checksum
Linux AArch64 glibc 886 KB (DEB) 3cee92b568c9f2c51a05b8a045000cfa88bec01a015c18c2de086065d4ba7df4
891 KB (XZ) 461922c3818c2ab527133d4c843fc989c88720e1e0f18af3d90853c0ee051682
ARMv7 HF glibc 941 KB (DEB) 577a1ba66c7811e3b38d7ee9dab943e06394f9234f3dfb2ee43d3774ac098516
948 KB (XZ) 4e7ae36d38c5c5a97ef0146f5840f0f5421e76e0aa281a548e7d5de5eaabae49
x86-64 glibc 674 KB (DEB) 7680244021bd061a26060ba41e3e7640d7588dd9b2dc629091fc6d578174e43e
679 KB (XZ) dbeed9aba310ea938325c673b98221bc88cf002427ed4f4b2734b5a59aef399c
musl 693 KB (DEB) f7a55cfd510acf2366a26ba729e8c755bb8954cbba13976eb091f985fcab95d8
698 KB (XZ) b3f62cd278399fc69acf4260bf223bf96324da911119153495ae93545591c6f3
Windows AArch64 MSVC 752 KB (Zip) bed355b3b113a8799c3e8eba5d993a8f85646d0e20aa5bd017c7466563eb050b
x86-64 MSVC 820 KB (Zip) 6af12b9b599e1e186e54343458bc5ac1ac9ff15c5c7f8b1c6ffff30d75d7ff96
macOS x86-64 631 KB (XZ) cf18b373cd9b0ad85827420ab93a772d81dc18995f356b23819b1e17453e94e0
BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)

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