Cargo Watch 7.7.1

Release notes

  • Use cargo metadata crate to replace cargo root finding logic
  • Update insta test helper to maybe help on the cross-platform front (#170)
  • Include module path in debug logging
  • Update other deps
  • Remove dependence on an empty tests/touchdata directory for tests to pass
  • Run tests in CI again (on Linux)
  • Be a little more flexible on the version of watchexec (not quite semver yet!)


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux AArch64 glibc DEB (965 KB)
XZ (970 KB)
ARMv7 HF glibc DEB (1 MB)
XZ (1 MB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (763 KB)
XZ (768 KB)
musl DEB (783 KB)
XZ (789 KB)
Windows x86-64 MSVC Zip (925 KB)
macOS x86-64 XZ (721 KB)

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