Cargo Watch 7.8.1

Release notes

  • New: there’s now a website. Some of it is still being drafted, notably dedicated general documentation for this tool, but there’s already some specific documentation that’s been brought over and rewritten/improved, such as the inotify limitations and the glob patterns pages. Eventually a lot of the documentation that’s in the readme will be moved there, so the readme can become a much leaner page with only the important bits, and the information moved over will have a lot more space to really shine.
  • Meta: moved to the watchexec github organisation. As well as bringing these very related projects together under one umbrella, this should make the maintaining relationship much clearer. As a bonus, that enables Github’s tooling to move issues to a different repo.
  • Deps: updated to watchexec 1.16.1, which pins the globset crate to version 0.4.6. While not a good long-term fix, this fixes issues installing via cargo install cargo-watch yielding buggy (#176) builds without --locked.
  • Releng: in 7.8.0, binary release builds got checksums and signatures, but generated a combined CHECKSUMS file with both SHA512 and BLAKE3 checksums, which causes warnings to be emitted when checking with the sha512sum or b3sum tools, as well as being a bit ambiguous. In this release, checksums go in separate files, one for each checksum algorithm; these files are also signed separately. I also retroactively fixed that in the 7.8.0 release. The release download list on GitHub is becoming quite long! The one on the website is a lot easier to use.
  • Packagers: if you’re reading these notes:
    • The website now has a JSON metadata file for every release and the latest, and that’s probably easier to parse than fighting it out with the API and the filenames. It also has the release notes and the checksums in nicely machine readable locations if you’re into that.
    • The archive format for tarballs will change to ZStandard (.tar.zst) at some point in the future, probably around version 8.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux AArch64 glibc DEB (886 KB)
XZ (891 KB)
ARMv7 HF glibc DEB (941 KB)
XZ (948 KB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (674 KB)
XZ (679 KB)
musl DEB (693 KB)
XZ (698 KB)
Windows AArch64 MSVC Zip (752 KB)
x86-64 MSVC Zip (820 KB)
macOS x86-64 XZ (631 KB)

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BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)

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