Cargo Watch 7.4.1

Release notes

  • #149: if watched directory didn't contain a .git folder, thread would block (infinite loop)
  • Also, #BlackLivesMatter. Closer to home, #ArmsDownNZ (police here wants to arm up, fuck that). Over the pond, #AboriginalLivesMatter. #JunkTerrorBill a bit further away, and spare a thought for Hong Kong, which has been fighting since March last year! I'm not comfortable stating that on Watchexec (which I also maintain and is released concurrently) given it's not, originally, my project, but here I can.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux x86-64 glibc DEB (629 KB)
XZ (631 KB)
musl XZ (647 KB)
Windows x86-64 MSVC Zip (772 KB)
MingW Zip (800 KB)
macOS x86-64 XZ (577 KB)

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