Watchexec 1.9.1

Release notes

  • #74 — Watchexec no longer panics on missing folders — patch1, 2
  • #95 — Fix issues with whitespace in commands — patch2
  • #96 — Add install instructions for Arch Linux — docs
  • Create a Debian package on release — releng
  • Add install instructions for Debian — docs

1: Other changes were added following this to convert more panics into normal errors: some glob parsing errors, and file watcher initialisation errors.

2: These changes also cause a breaking changes to the library interface, but this is not considered in the version numbers (i.e. if you use it, pin it). From cursory investigation only cargo-watch is a consumer and changes there in consequence are coordinated.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux x86 musl GZ (1.8 MB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (1.1 MB)
GZ (1.4 MB)
musl GZ (1.8 MB)
macOS x86-64 GZ (904 KB)

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