Watchexec 1.15.0

Release notes

  • CI and releases switch from Travis to Github Actions.
  • #178 Add arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf and aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu builds.
  • #180 Add --changes-only option to print what changes (for debugging purposes, not for consuming).
  • Add --shell=SHELL and deprecate --no-shell.
  • The above allows to use powershell instead of cmd (--shell=powershell), which solves #80. On Windows, powershell will become the CLI default in v2.0, and is the new default right now in the library.
  • Undocument --kill from the man page, help, and completion. It will be removed in v2.0.
  • In the library, Args is renamed to Config and the old name deprecated.
  • In the library, get_args is deprecated in the view to be removed at some point (and only exist in the CLI).
  • In the builder, durations are now Durations instead of integers of milliseconds.
  • In the builder, restart and watch_when_idle are deprecated and replaced with on_busy_update which clarifies the behaviour when receiving updates while a command is running.
  • Add --on-busy-update= option to expose that builder option.
  • Deprecate --watch-when-idle (ref #123) in favour of --on-busy-update=do-nothing.
  • Add binstall metadata.
  • Add DEB packages for every linux build.
  • Increase MSRV to 1.43.0.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux AArch64 glibc DEB (773 KB)
XZ (776 KB)
ARMv7 HF glibc DEB (835 KB)
XZ (839 KB)
x86 musl DEB (600 KB)
XZ (604 KB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (571 KB)
XZ (576 KB)
musl DEB (602 KB)
XZ (606 KB)
Windows x86-64 MSVC Zip (659 KB)
macOS x86-64 XZ (548 KB)

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