Watchexec 1.10.0

Release notes

New API features

The API now enables:

  • parsing a command line string into watchexec Args
  • writing one's own handler to react to changes
  • a lot more errors to be caught instead of panicking

This also has creates two minor breaking changes:

  • Args's paths field is now a Vec<PathBuf> rather than a Vec<String>
  • cli::get_args() returns a Result rather than nothing

This was done in #105, prompted by #104 and #103.

Clap update

This formalises the fix to #76.

Support commands that allocate their own TTY

Through setsid, thanks to @Mange (#102).

Fixes #47 and some other issues downstream.

An attempt to fix some issues clearing screens under some Windows configurations

These are hard to guess at / repro. Maybe it helped #99.

Dependency upgrades

  • Notify 4.0.7 brings in some fixes, notably a performance/battery-saving optimisation on Linux.
  • Regex 1.1.0 brings in some performance improvements for (git)ignore patterns

Some progress towards manual restarts

As part of the API changes, file-triggered runs and manual runs are now explicitly differentiated, which will help when eventually implementing #67.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux x86 musl GZ (1.2 MB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (867 KB)
GZ (1.1 MB)
musl GZ (1.2 MB)
Windows x86-64 MingW Zip (1.1 MB)
macOS x86-64 GZ (833 KB)

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