Watchexec 1.17.0

Release notes

  • #168 The default debounce time was further decreased to 100ms.

  • #145 New: @path-style argument parsing. (like rustc) You can now specify @argfile as the first argument to watchexec: this will read the file argfile and insert each line as an argument (no need to quote for whitespace, blank lines make empty arguments). This is a rudimentary way to have a configuration file, or as shorthand for established workflows; a more thorough file-based configuration system may be introduced later (#33, #136).

  • New: there’s now a website. Some of it is still being drafted, notably dedicated general documentation for this tool, but there’s already some specific documentation that’s been brought over and rewritten/improved, such as the inotify limitations and the glob patterns pages. Eventually a lot of the documentation that’s in readmes and issues will be moved there and improved.

  • #158 New: --no-process-group flag to disable process groups.

  • New: RPM packages are now available. These are built from the same binaries in the tarballs and DEB packages, so may not work properly for distros due to glibc versions or whatever. Untested as I don’t run RPM-based distros, tell me how it goes.

  • New: checksums (BLAKE3 and SHA512) and signatures (minisign) for first-party pre-built packages. See on the website.

  • New: fatal errors (panics) will now be displayed via eyre; for a bit of a friendlier look and easier to debug. Hopefully these aren't seen much though!

  • Packagers: if you’re reading these notes:

    • The website now has a JSON metadata file for every release and the latest, and that’s probably easier to parse than fighting it out with the API and the filenames. It also has the release notes and the checksums in nicely machine readable locations if you’re into that.
    • The archive format for tarballs will change to ZStandard (.tar.zst) at some point in the future (probably next year).


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux AArch64 glibc DEB (956 KB)
RPM (1.5 MB)
XZ (951 KB)
ARMv7 HF glibc DEB (1 MB)
RPM (1.6 MB)
XZ (1 MB)
x86 musl DEB (785 KB)
RPM (1.1 MB)
XZ (781 KB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (748 KB)
RPM (1.1 MB)
XZ (744 KB)
musl DEB (778 KB)
RPM (1.1 MB)
XZ (773 KB)
Windows AArch64 MSVC Zip (812 KB)
x86-64 MSVC Zip (891 KB)
macOS x86-64 XZ (700 KB)

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BLAKE3 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)
SHA512 checksums Automated signature (key) Félix’s signature (key)

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