Watchexec 1.20.0

Release notes

  • Watchexec should not refuse to quit if there are too many events anymore. (#302, lib 2.0.0)
  • The help text is reorganised in semantic sections rather than options/flags. (#304)
  • Verbose logs now may include even more logging (from third-party libraries). (#300)
  • All arguments must now be valid UTF-8. Previously the command and the -E flag would accept but silently discard invalid UTF-8, now watchexec errors on such input. (#317)
  • New --log-file option makes it easier to collect logs without polluting the screen. (#321)
  • New --delay-run option adds a configurable sleep before running the command. A native, cross-platform alternative to sleep N; command...! (#79)

Additionally, some repo changes:

  • PRs are now exclusively merged by Bors, and pushing directly to main is not allowed.
  • There's a PR-based (and thus Bors-assisted) release workflow, rather than initiating releases from a local checkout. For example, this release was made with PR #337.
  • Github Discussions are enabled, and should be used for asking questions, discussing the project or features, and comments on releases. Feature requests and bug reports should go to the Issues as before.
    • One exception is discussion of "Known Issues", which has its own topic to keep the Issues list focused on discrete problems.
  • The scheme for releases has changed slightly: only CLI releases will show up in GitHub releases, so the /latest link will always point to the last CLI release; the library and other crates now have their own, file-based

Not directly related to the CLI, but the library 2.0.0 version has now been released as stable! Full semver applies again.

Known issue with some packages: DEB and RPM packages may be missing dependencies due to being auto-generated instead of lovingly handcrafted. Prefer distributions from packagers rather than these ones, which are just provided on an ad-hoc, if convenient, as-is, basis.


OS Arch Variant Download
Linux AArch64 glibc DEB (5.6 MB)
RPM (6.1 MB)
XZ (5.5 MB)
musl DEB (5.8 MB)
RPM (6.3 MB)
XZ (5.7 MB)
ARMv7 HF glibc DEB (5.7 MB)
RPM (6.3 MB)
XZ (5.7 MB)
x86 musl DEB (8.3 MB)
RPM (8.5 MB)
XZ (8.3 MB)
x86-64 glibc DEB (7.9 MB)
RPM (8.1 MB)
XZ (7.9 MB)
musl DEB (8.2 MB)
RPM (8.3 MB)
XZ (8.1 MB)
macOS AArch64 XZ (1.1 MB)
x86-64 XZ (1.3 MB)

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